CONTENTS: Fiziceskoe Vospitanie Studentov=Physical Education of Students, 2012, vol.6

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1. Agoshkov V.V., Rumba O.G.Impact of termogidroprocedure to the physical health and functional capacity of student's organism 2012.-N6.5
2. Barkov A.Yu.Analysis appearances and research of efficiency of technical actions of collapsible command MSBU on a free style wrestling 2012.-N6.10
3. Barybina L.N.The algorithm of individualization in physical education students 2012.-N6.20
4. Borisovа O.V.Labour market in modern tennis: features of functioning 2012.-N6.25
5. Bumarskova N.N.Analysis of indexes of sleep for students - sportsmen of a build speciality on some types of sport 2012.-N6.30
6. Buren N.V., Rovny A.S.Physiological intensity of exercises of table tennis that are used on students' lessons in technical higher institute 2012.-N6.34
7. Vichovanec S.V., Lapkovsky E.I., Baskevich O.V.Intercommunication of functional violations of carriage and physical preparedness of teenagers with violation of sight 2012.-N6.38
8. Goncharuk S.V., Shilovskih K.V.Systematic approach to the foundation of healthy way of life and popularization of physical culture in modern university 2012.-N6.42
9. Gorelov A.A, Kondakov V.L, Rumba O.G.Sport and health-improving technologies as a mean of kinesiotherapy in the educational field of university 2012.-N6.47
10. Grohova A.P.Influence of recreations culture on forming of healthy way of life of future engineers-teachers in the process of professional subgoths 2012.-N6.52
11. Kramskoy S.I.Social-pedagogical aspects of trainer's activity 2012.-N6.57
12. Kozlova A.Yu.Estimation of the state of health of students of the I course of build university attributed to task medical force 2012.-N6.61
13. Lazarieva Ye.B.The consequences' magnitude of the postsurgering period as a factor which determining the direction of rehabilitation in patients after surgical treatment of the vertebral compression syndromes 2012.-N6.66
14. Liashenko V.N., Tumanova V.N., Mariskina T.V.Features of manifestation of self-trained athletes specialized in jumping 2012.-N6.70
15. Martirosova T.A.Organization of professional and applied physical training and applied specifically oriented undergraduate students of forestry professions 2012.-N6.74
16. Muntian V.S.Forming bases of health-improvement competence of students 2012.-N6.79
17. Podrigalo L.V., Pashkevich S.A., Prusik Krzysztof.Analysis of the relationship between food habits and health students 2012.-N6.83
18. Popadyuha Y. A., Zhdanovich Y. I., Litus I. V., Petsenko N. I.Experience of using computer system HUBER Motion Lab in restoring and strengthening the musculoskeletal of students 2012.-N6.88
19. Pryimakov A.A.Activity and relationships of muscular and cardiovascular systems in different states during muscular activity in athletes 2012.-N6.93
20. Sadovnikov E.S., Andruschenko O.E.Features of forming subject of anxiety about the health in healthy way of life 2012.-N6.100
21. Skyriene V., Skyrius E.Ability to breathe in an unfamiliar environment as a factor success of primary teaching swimming 2012.-N6.104
22. Temnykh A.S., Bogashchenko Yu.A.Influence of socio-economic changes on students' health of Siberian Federal University 2012.-N6.108
23. Tishchenko V.A.Cumulative description to technical tactical activity of leading womanish handball commands of Olympic Games 2012 2012.-N6.114
24. Feuerman W. W.Humanizing of process of education of growing personality: morality and its influence on young people, going in for sports 2012.-N6.119
25. Khimich I.J. Physical exercise as a means of increasing resistance to the nervous-emotional stress of universities students 2012.-N6.123
26. Khor'yakov V.A.Problem of diagnostics of motive capabilities of man in the field of mass physical culture 2012.-N6.128
27. Khrystovaya T.E.Effects of exercise on metabolic and hormonal indicators of people with different somatotype 2012.-N6.131
28. Chistyakova M.A.Characteristics of anaerobic energy special performance athletes who specialize in judo 2012.-N6.136
29. Jagiello Wladyslaw, Jagiello Marina, Kozina Zh.L.Type of structure of men body engaged in baseball 2012.-N6.140
30. Giovanis Vassilis, Kotrotsios Stephanos.The comparison of physical abilities between alpine skiing skiers' and tennis players 2012.-N6.144

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