Effect of partial sports massage on blood pressure and heart rate


  • T.D. Pystupa University School of Physical Education Wroclaw




sports massage, hemodynamic, systolic, diastolic


With the growing popularity and demand for different types of massages (including sports) is a growing need for research on specific forms. There is also a need to study the advantages and effects on various body functions. The objective was to study the effect of partial sports massage on blood pressure and heart rate in both men and women. Material and methods. Research has been extended 80 healthy men and women are physically active (age 20-25 years). Blood pressure and heart rate were made on the left arm automatic digital device (model HEM - 907). The device is intended to measure blood pressure. It is established that it is possible to verify the existing beliefs. This promotes more efficient use of massage therapy. Conclusions . Sports massage has an effect on hemodynamic changes, the increase (decrease) in blood pressure acceleration (deceleration) of the heart rate. It depends on what part of the body exposed to the massage procedure.


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T.D. Pystupa, University School of Physical Education Wroclaw



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