CONTENTS: Physical Education of Students, 2013, vol.6

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1. Adyrkhaev S.G.Optimization of physical education and sports of students with disabilities throughout the entire period of study at the university 2013.-N6.3
2. Bilichenko E.A.Gender aspects of personal and motivational sphere of students to physical education and sport 2013.-N6.8
3. Zuoziene I.J.Peculiarities of physical fitness and body composition of students engaged and not engaged in sports 2013.-N6.15
4. Kiprych S.V., Donets А.V., Makhdi Omar Ali.Improvement of management by training process of boxers at a stage of direct preparation for competitions 2013.-N6.20
5. Kulthickiy Z.I., Kurko Ya.V.Analysis of the main parameters of quality of students' life of different specialties 2013.-N6.25
6. Kutergin N.B., Tkachenko A.I., Kulinichev A.N.Physical perfection of students of educational institutions law enforcement by means of outdoor games 2013.-N6.30
7. Latyshev S.V.Individualization program training in freestyle wrestling 2013.-N6.34
8. Lisowski V.O., Mihuta І.Yu.Importance of coordination skills essential psychophysical demonstrated competencies as a military specialists 2013.-N6.38
9. Lutsenko L.S., Bodrenkova I.A.Correlation of general and special physical training of athletes cheerleaders at the stage the specialized training base 2013.-N6.43
10. Menshikh E.E.The peculiarities of physical development of pupils and students 2013.-N6.50
11. Prystupa T.D.Effect of partial sports massage on blood pressure and heart rate 2013.-N6.55
12. Ryepko O.A.Features and functionality of speed and power capabilities of elite climbers and various types of rock climbing 2013.-N6.60
13. Sergienko Y.P., Andreianov A.M.Models of professional readiness of students of higher military schools of the Armed Forces of Ukraine 2013.-N6.66
14. Sergienko V.N.Morphological indicators of the female students of the 17-20 age group 2013.-N6.73
15. Soronovich I.M., Сhaikovsky E.V., Pilevskaya V.Features of functional support of competitive activity in sports dance given the differences prepared by partners 2013.-N6.78
16. Tereshchenko I.A., Otsupok A.P., Krupenya S.V., Liauchuk T.M., Boloban V.N. Sensomotor coordination, theoretical and physical (motor) preparedness of first year students of higher educational institutions of physical education and sport 2013.-N6.88
17. Vasilios Giovanis, Kiriakos Amoutzas, Efstathios Vasileiou, Efstathia Ramadani, Efthimios Badas.The diet of skiers with regard to the frequency of dinners 2013.-N6.96
18. Robert Podstawski, Danuta Zwolińska, Renata Urbańska-Gizińska, Danuta Nowosielska-Swadźba. The effect of learning environment factors on biological development of first year students 2013.-N6.103

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