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1. Avdeeva M.S., Tulyakova O.V. The determination of indicators of physical development, physical training, functional condition and efficiency of women students in the process of adaptation to training Russia
2. Cynarski Wojciech J., Wąsik Jacek, Szymczyk Daniel, Vences de Brito Antonio Changes in foot pressure on the ground during mae-geri kekomi (front kick) in karate athlete - case study Poland
3. Podrigalo L.V., Volodchenko A.A., Rovnaya O.A., et al. The prediction of success in kickboxing based on the analysis of morphofunctional, physiological, biomechanical and psychophysiological indicators Ukraine
4. Malikova A.N., Doroshenko E. Yu., Symonik A. V., Tsarenko E. V., Veritov A. I. The ways of improvement special physical training of high-qualified women volleyball players in competitive period of annual macrocycle Ukraine
5. Pakhalchuk N.О., Holyuk О.А. The problems of future teachers' motor activity in professional training Ukraine
6. Grinko V.М., Kudelko V.E., Hlotov Y.O. Prediction and increaasing of general level of students' endurance by the exercises of aerobic direction Ukraine
7. Kolokoltsev M.M., Iermakov S.S., Prusik Katarzyna Motor qualities and functional characteristics of students of different types of constitution Ukraine

Pre-publication review
NEXT ISSUE: 2018, 22(2), April: closed

1. Kolumbet A.N., Dudorova L.Y., Babina N.A., Natroshvili S.G., Chernovsky S.M. Biomechanical justification of the choice of the optimal mode for the passage of the individual pursuit race Ukraine
2. Deniz DEMİRCİ, Mustafa KONYALI, Hakan AKDENİZ, Gülşah SEKBAN, Mensure AYDIN Reviewing the Effect of the Stretch-Shortening Cycle Workouts on Shot Hit Performance Turkey
3. Khudolii et al. Tests in the physical education of students... Ukraine
4. Wadii Zayed, Naila Bali, Nizar Souissi Repercussions of behavior of Cooperative Teacher’s on health and attractiveness of Tunisian Student Teachers Tunisia
5. Roohollah Talebi, Hamid Reza Taheri, Mahdi Sohrabi Index of difficulty which is an effective factor on especial skill formation in basketball free throw: index of learning difficulty hypothesis Iran
6. Kashuba V.O., Golovanova N.L. Increasing the efficiency of professional-applied physical training of students aged 16-17 years on the basis of application of informational-methodical systems Ukraine
7. Nuriye Şeyma ŞAR, Fikret SOYER, Mustafa KOÇ An analysis of psychological endurance and personality traits of individuals doing sports and not doing sports by various variables Turkey

Pre-publication review
NEXT ISSUE: 2018, 22(3), June:

1. Cristiana Lucretia Pop Body Mass Index and Body Image Anxiety in a Sample of Undergraduate Students Romania
2. Osipov A.Yu., Kudryavtsev M.D., Markov K.K., Kuzmin V.A., Nikolaeva O.O., Zemba E. A., Yanova M.G. Increase the level of physical activity of medical students through the use of variable forms of physical education classes Russia

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